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Short-term rentals can crash the neighborhood. Read MORE.


Nancy speaks out at LWV Mayoral Debate

California mayor praises Nancy's vision and her love of Holland, Michigan

Mayor, Stockton, CA

“As the Mayor of Stockton, California, I especially appreciated Mayor De Boer’s vision and insight. Over the course of the Mayor's Institute on City Design, she demonstrated why the city of Holland is lucky to have her. She’s thoughtful, visionary, and in love with the potential of her city. I also appreciated her style — being a leader is not always about being the loudest, but more often is about being the best listener.” 

Holland Sentinel

"Meet the candidates"

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Tom Page, retired

Holland Energy Park featured

Holland recognized at the international level for "reinventing municipal energy." Read HERE.

Holland earned a seat at a special table, thanks to vision and planning. Listen above.

Cal Langejans, Director Holland Chorale, retired

Nancy meets with citizens in Holland Heights regarding stormwater and sewer run-off.

Becky & Ed Harrington, neighbors

Celebration marks opening of award-winning Holland Energy Park

To learn about the first-ever Envision Platinum Award given to a power plant, click HERE


Prior to celebratory remarks, Mayor addresses Las Vegas tragedy. Watch video above. 

Rail safety focus of event at Holland Amtrak station
IN THE PICTURE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:: Mark Magliari, Amtrak Public Relations; Nancy De Boer, Mayor of Holland; Jim Storey, Allegan County Commissioner; Rick Burn, Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer; Scott Weiss, Holland Police Department; Scott Karcher, CSX Police; Brian Poynton, Amtrak Police; Dan Kender, Holland Police Department. Photo is of Train 371 at the Holland Station on Wednesday, September 27. Photo taken by Jim Helwig of the Tulip City Camera Club


Joe Silva, retired


Adrian & Sharon Van Houten, still singing praises


Seth Getz, Entrepreneur, Business Coach


Denise Beyer, Neighbor

John Kruithoff, Holland City Police Chief, retired

Holland's visionary energy plan applauded. Click HERE.

Nancy addresses affordable housing
Sept 12: Nancy addresses affordable housing